• Wed. May 22nd, 2024

RSI SPORTS facilitates padel to be played instantly

RSI SPORTS has launched its Instantpadel court, an easy to install and low maintenance mobile padel court that can temporarily be installed on any surface.

Instantpadel courts enables clubs, municipalities, schools and event organisers to temporarily introduce the fastest growing racket sport to their members, visitors or society. The structure is CE compliant and uses high-quality finishes. By replacing the glass panels with polycarbonate and the artificial turf surface with RSI SPORTS panels, RSI SPORTS has managed to reduce the weight of the structure and improve the simplicity of the installation. An RSI SPORTS Instantpadel court also doesn’t require any groundworks or subbase.

“The use of a unique and innovative fixing solution allows Instantpadel courts to be installed on any site or surface without damaging the subbase,” says RSI SPORTS Business Unit Manager , Hans Borgers. The installation and dismantling of the court only takes a few hours and can be done by volunteers.

Tennis club Tennifun in Hoegaarden, Belgium, recently took ownership of the first RSI SPORTS Instantpadel court in Belgium. The club has temporarily installed the court over an existing gravel tennis surface. Due to the wet winter conditions that are typical for Belgium, the gravel courts normally lay empty and unused for most of the winter.

“Tennifun cleverly maximises its existing footprint to continue offering members an opportunity to play sport and come together during winter. They are now also offering them a new challenge and, at the same time, expanding their membership.” The club anticipates increased revenue from bar-sales as well as a growth in membership fees, thanks to the investment.

The perforated RSI SPORTS panels used for the surface drain water to the underlying surface and have been finished with a coating that provides the grip and ball bounce padel players require. The panels are produced from recycled plastic in plants in the US and in Belgium.

RSI SPORTS has the exclusive rights to market and sell Instantpadel courts worldwide. An Instantpadel court is available for buy or hire.


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