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Abrasion test method for synthetic turf

ISO 19721:2022 specifies an abrasion test method for accelerated testing of synthetic turfs for use in sports facilities. The document provides the details of radiation, temperature, and moisture exposure, as well as to mechanical abrasion using football shoe studs on rotating drum assembly.

So, you want to make grass yarn?

The art of producing synthetic turf for sports is grossly underestimated and incorrectly compared to the production of plastic household products. In this article, Jacki Stephen of Imajica Consulting focusses on the machinery to be used in the production of high-end, durable and consistently performing synthetic turf products for sports.

FIP approval for Condor Grass Padel surfaces

The Condor Grass Padel surfaces have been approved in accordance with the quality criteria of the International Padel Federation (FIP).

Here they are: the 8 Fifa World Cup fields

Have a look at the 8 venues that will be used for the 2022 FIFA World Cup and learn more about the grass surface used.

In times of great uncertainty, bold decisions can save the day

As the competent authorities are forced to increasingly take bold decisions, the list with challenges lower authorities around the world are facing, is growing every day. Only those who dare to cut red tape will survive the day. 



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