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  • Noise pollution dampens pickleball popularity

Noise pollution dampens pickleball popularity

Unless measures are put in place from the very beginning, the growth and popularity of pickleball will experience the same…

Padel and noise pollution guidelines

A special task force initiated by the Dutch Tennis Association (KNLTB), has produced some 'Padel and noise' guidelines. One of…

FIP approval for Condor Grass Padel surfaces

The Condor Grass Padel surfaces have been approved in accordance with the quality criteria of the International Padel Federation (FIP).

RSI SPORTS facilitates padel to be played instantly

RSI SPORTS has launched its Instantpadel court, an easy to install and low maintenance mobile padel court that can temporarily…

Sapca Code of Practice for construction Padel Courts

The new SAPCA Code of Practice for the Construction of Padel Courts has been completed and is available to download…