additional energy savings thanks to Rhenac Sports LED CLS

Energy costs for grass field maintenance can be slashed significantly by adopting a holistic approach that replaces a reactive field maintenance regime with a pro-active field care regime. Understanding what it is that a section of grass needs for that particular moment and acting accordingly, avoids unnecessary wastage both at the premises as well as further down the supply chain.

Establishing grass health and condition with one device

The Labosport Redbox simultaneously maps the density and colour of grass surfaces objectively and consistently. The lightweight and easy to operate device improves the ergonomics of testing surfaces and works on any cool or warm season grass type. All numerical and visual data collected is stored in one folder and can be accessed by the client through an app from a client-specific dashboard.

New norm defines future shock pad and e-layer performance

Everything is set for the European Standards Committee (CEN) to, this year, adopt a standard that specifies minimum performance and durability requirements for shock pads and e-layers. Once adopted, EN 15330-4 will replace the various standards currently being followed and hand authorities a tool to build safer and more sustainable sports facilities, while saving money.

Modern times and problems demand a modern solution

If we want to achieve a sustainable society, we will have to accept that some radical changes will have to be made. The biodegradable materials of Senbis Polymer Innovations are already the standard in various industries. By embracing Senbis biodegradable infill, municipalities confirm they already have a vision in terms of a sustainable society and future in place.