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Skin injury test one step closer to adoption

Assessing the possible risk of skin injuries on synthetic turf has come one step closer. Four World Rugby certified test institutes recently held a round robin to determine the replicability of a test and testing apparatus that has been developed over the past four years. Their feedback will now be used to fine-tune the apparatus and procedure.

How different grasses respond to moisture in the soil

Researchers at Wageningen University and research in the Netherlands has established how different grass specifically responds differently to the presence or lack of moisture in the soil.

FIH establishes Innovation category of hockey turf

FIH has established a new category of hockey turf that is designed to ensure that dry turfs replicate, as far as possible, the playing qualities of wet hockey turfs, provide satisfactory levels of foot grip, acceptable levels of player comfort and have an acceptable durability.

Will Bill save Maryland and the US from disaster?

The US state of Maryland is about to vote on a bill that should allow authorities to track the chain of custody of a synthetic turf field. Plans for the bill were met by fierce opposition from the US synthetic turf industry. However, the latter can learn some lessons from their peers in Europe.

A closer look at non-filled developments

The ‘non-filled’ synthetic turf debate is increasingly becoming cluttered, making it more difficult for both the informed as well as unsuspecting investors and emphatic followers of these developments to separate the wheat from the chaff. closely monitors all developments and consolidates all knowledge it has collected over the past year.