The latest trends and developments regarding grass, hybrid or synthetic turf for rugby including legislation and developments regarding the environment

Belgium embraces Brockfill

Football club KSVB from Brasschaat, Belgium, has selected a Condor Grass football turf system with Brockfill infill to futureproof its facility. The 100% natural infill complies with the upcoming legislation the European Commission is about to adopt to safeguard the environment. The new surfaces will also finally enable the club to welcome a long list of aspiring members.

Which is better: brushing or raking?

Opinions about whether brushing or raking third-generation synthetic turf fields is better for the field are divided. A grant from the Norwegian FA, the Dutch industry body BSNC, as well as the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport enabled the Municipality of Amsterdam to contract research institute ERCAT of the University of Ghent to investigate this in more detail.

Test method for assessing skin injury risk

The debate about the sliding friendliness of synthetic turf will soon become more scientific with the introduction of a test apparatus and adoption of a testing protocol to establish the sliding characteristics of the turf. The new device will also help sports governing bodies in assessing new turf products and infill materials.