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About Rhenac Sports LED

Rhenac Sports CLS LED grass grow lighting equipment can deliver light from the Complete Light Spectrum (CLS) with pinpoint accuracy. Together with TU Munich, we have identified the balanced combination of blue and red colours grass needs, depending on the conditions. Rhenac Sports CLS LED field lighting equipment delivers accordingly.

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Reisertstraße 1
53773 Hennef (Sieg)
T.: +(49) 2242 90611 93
E.: info@rhenacsportsled.com

W.: www.rhenacsportsled.com

Rhenac Sports LED blue

additional energy savings thanks to Rhenac Sports LED CLS

Energy costs for grass field maintenance can be slashed significantly by adopting a holistic approach that replaces a reactive field maintenance regime with a pro-active field care regime. Understanding what it is that a section of grass needs for that particular moment and acting accordingly, avoids unnecessary wastage both at the premises as well as further down the supply chain.

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KITE first to adopt Rhenac UV-C technology

Sustainable grass care in Hungary will soon take a giant leap when grass care company Kite takes ownership of three Rhenac Sports LED UV-C 600 grass disease control units. The Rhenac technology uses a unique light to deprive algae and fungi of their preferred growing conditions.

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RSI and RHENAC Greentec AG merge sales and operational activities

Recreational Systems International (NL) and Rhenac Greentec AG (DE) have merged their sales and operational activities for the Rhenac Greentec LED grass care applications for sports. Believing in the state-of-the-art Rhenac Greentec AG technology, RSI has also invested in the German company to support the research activities and to accelerate their introduction of innovations.

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