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UV-C technology to fight algae

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May 16, 2018 , , ,

Rhenac GreenTec has introduced a unit that uses UV-C light to destroy fungus, algae and diseases that grow in grass.

The UV-C based system is an environmental and more efficient alternative for pesticides that are currently being used to kill diseases.

The new unit makes use of a specific light spectrum that kills the unwanted elements. Rhenac manages to do so as it has the knowledge and experience in producing the high quality UV-C lighting elements that emit the exact light spectrum that is required for killing diseases. Maximum result is achieved by aligning the light spectrum and speed of the tractor that is used to pull or push the unit over the field.

The unit measures six meters wide and can be used on both natural and artificial grass surfaces. It can be fitted either at the front or at the rear of the same tractor that is used for other maintenance work on the field.
According to Rhenac, a full size football field can be treated within 45 minutes.
Rhenac is currently also developing a UV-C light unit for golf courses as golf encounters similar issues with fungus and algae. By using the unit twice or three times a week up to 95% of all fungus and algae should be destroyed immediately, Rhenac claims.

Rhenac GreenTec is best known for its LED stadium grass grow lighting system that aligns the technical advantages of LED technology with the essential requirements for healthy grass growth. Both the LED grass grow lighting system and the UV-C600 are spin-offs of its program to use LED technology to stimulate the development and growth of natural products like vegetables and fruits.

Rhenac GreenTec works closely together with Greenhouse Laboratory Centre at the Weihenstephan Research Centre at Munich University.

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