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additional energy savings thanks to Rhenac Sports LED CLS

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Energy costs for grass field maintenance can be slashed significantly by adopting a holistic approach that replaces a reactive field maintenance regime with a pro-active field care regime. Understanding what it is that a section of grass needs for that particular moment and acting accordingly, avoids unnecessary wastage both at the premises as well as further down the supply chain.

Understanding grass is at the heart of Rhenac Sports LED technology.

Together with the Technical University of Munich, Rhenac Sports LED first studied grass, grass growth and grass quality for over 8 years to identify the numerous parameters. Once these parameters were clear, Rhenac Sports LED translated their research results to software that delivers the complete light spectrum (CLS) by means of LED technology.

CLS enables groundsmen and field managers to always deliver the light colour, light temperature, ultraviolet or infrared the grass (seed) needs to either improve its biomass or root system.

The internet of grass with Rhenac CLS technology

The introduction of smart and interactive technologies has reduced a stadium field from an approximately 8,500m2 large grass surface to a surface where the activities can be determined and delivered for every square metre. Water, nutrients, light, oxygen or heat can now be delivered with pinpoint accuracy.

Integrating smart technologies like sensors, weather stations, historical datasets and video-systems in flexible technologies like LED grass lighting systems, UV-C grass care technology as well as digitally operated and sector-driven field heating, irrigation, oxygen or nutrition supplementing technologies facilitates the mutual knowledge exchange and increased artificial intelligence. In addition, these technologies reduce the dependence on the groundsman or field manager and transform them from a reactive maintenance clerk to a pro-active field manager.

Rhenac Sports LED CLS technology is flexible in use and can be directed individually. It can also be connected to and supported by sensors on the surface, weather stations or historical data in a digital database. Instead of groundsmen having to worry about switching on and off, adjusting the settings for or moving conventional equipment, Rhenac Sports LED CLS technology will react automatically, and based on data that groundsmen are not even aware of yet, or might have forgotten.

They’ll optimise the performance as well as the energy consumption of each and every technology or component used to improve a stadium field.

Compared to conventional grass grow technology, Rhenac  Sports LED CLS grass growth systems have taken a giant leap in terms of saving energy. By selecting Rhenac Sports LED CLS grass growth technology, the immediate energy savings for supplementing light are multiplied by the savings achieved elsewhere on the field, thanks to the improved efficiency of other technologies.

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