• Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

New book on soil

Groundskeepers have the extraordinary task of convincing turf to grow where it otherwise wouldn’t. The sands beneath elite fields, the compacted clay of cricket wickets, and ever-increasing hours of foot traffic are at odds with what plants consider a hospitable environment. The challenges of urban green space management are just some of the topics covered in Grounded, a new book by soil scientist Alisa Bryce.

Written as an entertaining read for the non-scientist, Grounded is a primer into the world of soil. It is not about soil degradation, climate change, or how to grow tomatoes. Instead, Grounded explores other topics such as: * how soil evidence can nail a murderer * how the soil affects the taste of your favourite wine * tips for digging an escape tunnel (don’t try it at home) or mounting an invasion of Normandy (ditto) If you think that sports fields and public open space aren’t interesting to the general reader, think again. As reviewed in The Australian newspaper, “the bit about elite sports fields – golfing greens, cricket pitches and private school sporting fields- is fascinating.”

Grounded is available in stores and online.

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