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Another hybrid turf brand enters the US market

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Dec 14, 2023 ,

With the debate raging about what surface will be used by the NFL, and preparations for the FIFA World Cup starting to take shape, another international supplier of hybrid surfaces has formed an alliance with a US company in an attempt to get a slice of the cake.

The latest company to enter is Hatko from Turkey. The company has signed an agreement with Hellas.

Hellas-Hatko installed Hatko Hybridgrass by invitation of FIFA at two FIFA-authorized test sites, one located at Michigan State University and the other located at the University of Tennessee.

One of the best known hybrid turf brands, GrassMaster, is owned by Tarkett, which offers this solution through its other subsidiary, FieldTurf. In the past few months, companies like GrassMax and SIS Pitches have also entered the North American market by forming alliances with companies that operate in the US.

The various brands all have their own unique features. To get a quick grasp of the concepts and their differences, please click here.

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