• Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Wrestler sues pre school over substance on synthetic turf

A wrestler says a chemical on synthetic turf at a Florida prep school burned him when he sat to warm up for a match.

On 7 March, a lawsuit was filed in Orange County Circuit Court against Lake Highland Preparatory School, Inc., also known as Spartan RTC FL, and the United States of America Wrestling Association (USAWA), also known as Fargo Mens Training Camp.

David Gunner Holland, the plaintiff,  alleges that both defendants failed to eliminate or warn about dangerous conditions at a wrestling event held on the campus of Lake Highland Preparatory School between July 7 and July 9, 2023.

The dangerous condition cited was a chemical cleaning dispenser using Buckeye Eco One-Step Disinfectant-Deodorizer-Cleaner to disinfect wrestling mats. The dispenser allowed a large amount of the chemical to pool on the nearby synthetic turf, posing a danger to athletes. Holland believes that on natural turf, the substance would have drained into the soil.

Holland claims that while preparing for his wrestling events by sitting on the synthetic turf, he was exposed to this chemical, which caused severe burns around his buttocks area necessitating hospitalization and emergency procedures.

Following the incident, the location was cordoned off and barricaded – actions which Holland argues should have been taken prior to his injury.

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