• Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

USDA certificate for FieldTurf’s PureSelect

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has confirmed that FieldTurf’s PureSelect infill meets USDA requirements. The infill is now a USDA certified Biobased Product. The infill, made from olive cores (patent-pending), is designed to offer all the natural benefits of a natural infill system without the drawbacks. PureSelect is also a key component of FieldTurf’s leading DoublePlay baseball and TripleThreat softball series.

The designation, a certification mark of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, confirms that the infill meets or exceeds minimum USDA-certified biobased content for artificial turf infill systems. Biobased products are commercial or industrial goods other than food or feed that the USDA has determined to be composed (in whole or in significant part) of biological products, forestry materials or renewable domestic agricultural materials.

The PureSelect system is also available with a CoolPlay top layer for reduced surface temperature without any reduction in field performance. It offers a simple maintenance program that does not require regular infill replenishment.

Biobased products increase the use of renewable resources while decreasing use of non-renewable resources. According to the USDA, biobased products displace approximately 300 million gallons of petroleum per year in the United States — the equivalent of taking 200,000 cars off the road. According to a report the department released in 2016, the biobased economy contributes nearly $460 billion to the U.S. economy every year.

There are over 60 installations in the U.S. which showcase the PureSelect infill, of which includes the renowned baseball facilities at Rutgers University, Wake Forest University, the University of Southern Mississippi, the University of Tennessee and Utah Valley University.

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