Unisport invests in maintenance and repairs

Unisport has made a significant investment in customer service by establishing maintenance and repair service operations in Finland. Employees based here will service, maintain and repair artificial turf and athletics fields.

Unisport wants to provide high-quality, attractive and functional sports and sports venues for both users and spectators throughout their life cycle. “Every year, our experienced service technicians inspect numerous indoor and outdoor sites to ensure the safety and functionality of the fields, even after years of efficient use. Recently, we have received feedback from customers that in addition to annual maintenance contracts, there is an even greater need for a new type of maintenance and repair service, ”says Raine Hautakangas, Work Manager at Unisport.

“On an annual basis, we already service large artificial turf fields with a significant volume, but in the past, unfortunately, we have not always had time to make small repairs and we have focused on servicing our annual maintenance contract customers. Now we have decided to invest in a separate service, the aim of which is to ensure and keep customers’ existing fields in good condition, thus extending their life cycle significantly,” Hautakangas continues.

For service operations, Unisport has decided to set up a separate maintenance and repair team equipped with modern equipment and tools.

In addition to this, Unisport has decided to invest in the development of customer service also in the field of outdoor sports. Petri Lappalainen has started as a sales coordinator at Unisport’s Vantaa office and his task is to help and support customers in small and spare parts purchases, e.g. for athletics and football equipment.

“It is extremely important for Unisport to listen to customers and develop operations based on the feedback received. Our investment in the maintenance and repair business of artificial turf and athletics fields is a great example of this, as is the development of customer service for small and spare parts for outdoor sports equipment and the easiest way to communicate and order new Small Equipment directly from your contact person,” says Pekka Elo, Unisport Finland Country Manager.

Contact details

Pekka Elo, Country Manager, tel. +358 50 482 8281, pekka.elo@unisport.com
Raine Hautakangas, tel. 0400-865534, raine.hautakangas@unisport.com
Petri Lappalainen, tel. 040-588 3151, petri.lappalainen@unisport.com

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