• Sat. May 18th, 2024

Turfgrass goes virtual

Irish-based agronomy services company Turfgrass have rolled out  Turfgrass Virtual Turf Consultancy one step further. The service allows any golf course across the globe access to the company’s agronomic expertise.

The virtual tool is already used by Turfgrass to monitor the condition of the golf courses of its clients. The service is now made available to golf courses around the globe.

Turfgrass VTC enables golf courses to upload their golf course management data to avail of a virtual consultation from a trusted Turfgrass agronomist. Upon completion of a virtual consultation, the company will issue a best practice report to the client.

The entire process is very straightforward. Golf courses can easily upload imagery and data previously collected. This can then be securely transmitted to the Turfgrass team via their online encrypted SSL certified system. The team of experts will analyse all the evidence and present the client with a comprehensive virtual consultation followed by a tailormade agronomic report and appropriate programme for their golf course.

Not only does this service provide the golf course with a swift solution to their issue, it also allows the course to benefit from proven comprehensive solutions validated by years of experience from some of the best golf courses in the world.

Turfgrass have consulted on over 250 golf projects throughout Europe, Asia, the Caribbean North and South America. With over 30 years of agronomic expertise they have extensive knowledge and experience with all types of conditions, grass types, climates and diseases.

Julian Mooney, Director of Agronomy at Turfgrass, explained: “Whilst a virtual consultation can never replace an onsite visit, Turfgrass VTC is a valuable service which has been developed in recent years and has successfully assisted our clients worldwide. This has been a perfect platform from which to support our clients, giving us immediate access to their golf course issues and delivering quick responsive solutions for them”.

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