• Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Toro releases Greensmaster FLEX walk greens mowers

Toro recently introduced its Greensmaster 1000 Series FLEX walk greens mowers, designed to hug contours and undulations, and highlighted by a variety of features designed to help eliminate variability in the cut quality resulting from operators with differing skill levels.
The cutting heads on the Greensmaster FLEX1018, FLEX1021 and eFLEX1021 follow contours on the greens, even on significant undulations. The innovative telescoping loop handle also helps to deliver a more consistent cut, adjusting easily to comfortably accommodate operators of varying heights and reduce operator fatigue. Handle isolation mounts give the cutting units consistent contact with the ground throughout the mowing process, eliminating variability in height-of-cut that can occur because of variations in handle pressure or differing operator strides.
The FLEX1018 and FLEX1021 models are powered by Honda GX120 engines, and the eFLEX1021 utilizes a Samsung battery for quiet, long-term operation on a single charge. The bail design combines safety and operational control. Along with reducing the distance between the cutting unit and the traction drum, control and balance of the mower have been improved for more precise handling, especially in turns.
“The new FLEX models take all of the operational, maintenance and performance benefits of the recently introduced Greensmaster 1000 Series with the addition of the innovative FLEX cutting heads,” said Jeff Drake, global marketing manager for Greensmaster and Specialty Products at Toro. “Even on greens with extreme undulations, operators can deliver the precise cut superintendents are looking for. Combining the benefits of easy operation, low maintenance and long service life, the new FLEX Series delivers outstanding value.”

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