• Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Toro announces expansion development autonomous mower

Toro is introducing a new suite of autonomous technologies called GeoLink Solutions to meet the need for consistent and repeatable results.
Technology and market perceptions have evolved significantly since Toro first began exploring autonomous solutions. Technologies are now better, faster and more affordable — and customers are more receptive to considering autonomous-enabled products as a means to alleviate growing labor challenges and budget constraints. New GeoLink Solutions technologies are Toro’s answer to lost productivity and inconsistent results, creating machines that can complete the job the right way every time.Toro will be showcasing its GeoLink Solutions for efficient fairway and greens mowing. Reelmaster and Greensmaster concept units are being displayed at the 2020 Golf Industry Show.With the implementation of GeoLink Solutions technology, mowing will become more time and cost effective. When operating autonomously, the built-in detection capability ensures avoidance of obstacles. After defining the mowing boundary, a variety of mowing patterns can be selected. The mowers operate consistently for perfectly straight lines, even in conditions with poor visibility, and during the cleanup pass. Even more efficiency is achieved by utilizing the entire width of the mower, reducing overlap, and self-transport between mowing areas.

Available now, the Multi Pro 5800 with GeoLink AS (autosteer) is a 300-gallon dedicated sprayer that takes efficiency to new heights. GeoLink AS uses GPS control to ensure precision coverage, virtually eliminating the risk of overlap spraying or missing target areas. GeoLink AS ensures that the machine follows the optimal pass and fully utilizes all of the nozzles on the spray boom for a faster, more efficient spray process.

The Autosteer feature also makes it easy for operators of different skill levels to use the Multi Pro 5800. Optimal travel routes are stored, enabling even a novice operator to achieve the ideal spray path quickly and efficiently without wasting time. Additionally, the ability to store contoured travel routes, as well as straight line passes, ensures that efficiency and productivity gains apply to any target area, no matter the shape.

Toro is finalizing development on Machine-to-Machine Communication for GeoLink solutions, which is ideal for courses with more than one spraying unit in operation. Communication between machines prevents an operator from spraying an area that’s already been sprayed by another operator. In real time, via the interactive control console, operators are able to determine areas where the spray application has been completed and those areas that are yet to be treated.

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