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TenCate sues Chinese company

The American branch of TenCate is suing one of the world’s largest synthetic turf manufacturers for a patent violation.

Polyloom, also known as TenCate Thiolon USA, claims that Consan USA uses a fibre that is similar to that for which TenCate Thiolon (Netherlands), now TenCate, acquired the patent in 2013. In 2016, that patent also became legally valid in the US through Polyloom.

Consan USA is part of Qingdao Bellinturf of China, which has also been sued by Polyloom. Subscribers with an Explorer account can find the legal documents in our knowledge section.

Widths and thicknesses

Polyloom claims that Consan has been marketing and selling ‘a synthetic monofilament fibre for use in an artificial lawn, said synthetic fibre, in cross-section, having a width greater than a thickness of the synthetic fibre and being provided with solid thickened parts at free ends of the cross-section, and a central part between the thickened parts comprising a curved section having a substantially uniform thickness, and wherein said thickened parts are round.’

Qingdao Bellinturf is one of the world’s largest integrated players in the synthetic turf industry. In addition to tufting and coating synthetic turf carpets, it also produces its own yarns. Polyloom believes that the company went overboard by copying the patented fibre.

Polyloom claims that, despite warning the company to cease sales activities related to this fibre or products in which the fibre in question is being used, it has continued with those activities.

The TenCate company now sees no other solution than a lawsuit, and is demanding, among other things, compensation for the damage suffered.

A hearing date has yet to be determined.

This case revolves around the shape of the fibre. However, the quality of synthetic turf (yarns) is determined by much more, something that is discussed in this article.


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