• Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

TenCate applies for tax exemption for recycling plant

TenCate Turf Recycling Solutions has filed an application with Louisiana Economic Development for tax exemption for a synthetic turf recycling plant.

Last year, TenCate Grass announced that it had partnered with Cyclyx and ExxonMobil to solve the problem of end-of-life turf in North America.

The newly established TenCate Recycling Solutions has now indicated that it wants to participate in the Quality Jobs and Industrial Tax Exemption programs of the US state of Louisiana.

In its application, the company states that it is considering a “manufacturing, fabricating, processing, recycling facility in a potential partnership with Exxon.” The project would create 25 direct jobs and another 25 jobs for constructing the site.

The plant will represent a USD 1.65 million investment and is projected to be located in Baton Rouge, only a few kilometres away from ExxonMobil’s polyolefins plant. This likely depends on a decision by ExxonMobil to establish its new advanced plastics recycling unit on this site.

The starting date mentioned in the document is in September 2023. However, the end date of the project is in 2050.


Guy Oldenkotte

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