Syngenta launches Application Academy

Syngenta will use BTME (Harrogate 21-23 January) to introduce its new Application Academy to turf managers and sprayer operators. 
According to Syngenta Technical Manager and application specialist, Glenn Kirby, the academy will give a select group the chance to become an industry leader in accurate application as well as to get the very best from every turf treatment.

“The Syngenta Turf Application Academy gives an opportunity to really learn about the science behind the skills involved. Attending the Academy will take spray application to a new level,” he says. 

Focusing on scientific research and practical advice, the three day Application Academy will be held in June, at the dedicated Application Laboratory of Syngenta Jealott’s Hill International Research Station in Berkshire.

The Application Academy syllabus modules include:

  • Understanding spray dynamics
  • Nozzle design and development
  • Microscopy of droplet movement
  • Digital Innovations Laboratory
  • Setting-up testing and operating your sprayer
The course will be led by Syngenta specialists and independent experts in spray research and accurate application. Successful candidates will achieve Academy test certification.
“The Application Academy is open to all golf course or sports facility managers or dedicated sprayer operators,” added Mr Kirby. “All applicants will get to join the Syngenta Application Club, providing advice and sharing best practice throughout the season.”

A selected short list of candidate applications will be invited to undertake a Skype interview. Costs of the course, accommodation, subsistence and tuition is provided by Syngenta.

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