Survey about use of pesticides

British fieldmanagers and greenkeepers are invited to participate in a survey to establish the use of pesticides (excluding pest control such as rat, mouse, bedbug and cockroach control) in amenity situations, including usage by contractors, local authorities, golf courses, turf growers, utility companies, invasive weed, rail and road companies during 2020.

The period covered will January to December 2020. The survey is run by Fera Science Ltd.

The survey is fully supported by the Amenity ForumBALIBIGGAGrounds Management AssociationLANTRAProperty Care Association and the Turf Growers Association as a means of obtaining vital and much needed information.

Your participation can help inform the process by which the risks associated with the use of pesticides are assessed and demonstrate the professionalism of users in the sector.

The industry has made many significant changes over the past few years, particularly regarding training, awareness and sprayer testing – it is intended that this survey will capture these changes.

Information Needed to Complete the Survey
To be able to complete the survey fully you will need the number of operators, the number of each type of sprayer used by your organisation and the total quantities of each product used in 2020.
If you are interested to participate, please click here.
You and Your Data

All information supplied will be treated in complete confidence and individual participants will not be identified.

Your rights regarding any additional data which are processed by Fera in support of the survey can be found here:

If you wish to exercise any rights with regards to these data, your request should be sent to:  Please note that your rights do not extend to anonymised data as this falls outside of the scope of the GDPR.

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