• Sat. May 18th, 2024

Standard Carpets opens new factory in UAE

The new Standard Carpets factory in Dubai Industrial City is only the first step as the company is planning to expand its operations by investing an additional USD 163.35 million.

The new factory, ‘Standard Turf’, will host a grass yarn extrusion capacity of 12,000 tonnes and a finished grass carpet capacity of 161.4 million sq ft. Together with a new development, the factory is located on the two recently developed plots.

Inaugurating the factory, Dr Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, said: “The inauguration of the ‘Standard Turf’ factory in Dubai Industrial City, along with the company’s plans to expand its operations, serve as an example of the success of the ministry’s efforts to promote the growth and development of the national industrial sector and boost local investment.”

Start of expansion

The inauguration marks the start of Standard Carpets’ expansion at Dubai Industrial City, where the company has been based since 2013 on a 1.3 million sq ft facility.

In 2021, Standard Carpets expanded its operations to increase production capacity by introducing two new product lines – grass carpets and hard flooring – and the UAE-based manufacturer’s total land area at Dubai Industrial City now totals almost 3 million sq ft – roughly the equivalent of 39 FIFA-compliant football pitches.

The company has already developed two of the five new plots totalling an area of 500,000 sq ft with an investment of AED225 million.

The remaining three plots, spanning 1.1 million sq ft, will be developed in the coming years with further investment of AED375 million.

High-quality products

Gulu Waney, Chairman, Standard Carpets, said: “We are proud to build on our presence at Dubai Industrial City, where we have operated one of the world’s largest carpet factories since 2014. The newly inaugurated Standard Turf factory will further raise our capacity to manufacture high-quality products, reinforcing the strength of the ‘Made in UAE’ brand in more than 68 export markets. Our AED600 million expansion programme reiterates our confidence in Dubai’s position as a global manufacturing and logistics hub and will contribute to the UAE’s national strategy for advanced industry and technology (Operation 300bn) and Make it in the Emirates strategies to grow the economy.”

Sustainability at Standard Carpets

The Standard Turf factory will support Standard Carpets’ green initiatives by producing fully recyclable artificial grass, with its products under development and scheduled to launch in 2024.

The company’s existing facility at Dubai Industrial City is a Silver Star winner of the 2021 Dubai Green Industrial Awards and its solar energy capacity of 7.2-megawatt is among the highest in the UAE’s private sector, supporting Standard Carpets’ endeavor to produce decarbonised products. Solar panels fitted at its Dubai Industrial City facility generate 60 percent of the facility’s daytime energy requirement and reduce CO2 emissions by 6.6 kilotons annually, making it a leading producer of significantly decarbonised carpet products.

The company is also committed to water efficiency, and Standard Turf products will further contribute to conservation efforts in the UAE’s and Dubai’s industrial sector.

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