• Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

SIS Pitches reveals new machine

Two years after bringing the fully electric SISGrass Universal machine to the international sport fields industry, SIS Pitches and SISGrass have launched their second generation SISGrass machine.

The machine, which is also 100% electric, can stitch a full-size football pitch in just seven days using electricity, a huge step forward in reducing the company’s environmental footprint.

The first installations at FC Barcelona’s training ground, followed by the Camp Nou, have already been completed.

SISGrass is a 95% natural grass pitch that has the characteristics of a natural pitch, with synthetic fibres inserted into the surface, offering more playing hours and faster pitch recovery than 100% natural surfaces.

SISGrass uses cutting edge laser systems to guarantee 100% accuracy when injecting fibres uniformly over the entire pitch.

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