• Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Salt tolerant grass nominated for Innovation Award

4Salt, the salt tolerant grass seed from DLF introduced a few years ago, has been nominated for the Dutch Innovation price Sportfacilities 2019.

Two years ago the Pronitro fertilizer coating was nominated for the same award. The price will be awarded on March 14 during the event for Sportfacilities in the Netherlands.

It is a known fact that sport fields, lawns, golf sites etc. have problems in saline soils or in salty areas. It doesn’t matter where the salt comes from: the soil, water supply, or wind-blown sea spray, if there’s too much salt, ordinary grass won’t grow to its best. To solve this problem, DLF offers 4salt mixtures, that will perform with or without salinity problems.

The science behind the the 4salt concept is a result of continuous testing and selection at their R&D facilities. By exposing germplasm to rising levels of salt in the growth substrate, DLF identified significant differences between species and varieties. The 4Salt brand is used to identify varieties and mixtures optimized for saline conditions, based on our R&D results.

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