Qualification in sports turf survey

Following the introduction of a Level 3 Advanced Sports Turf Technician Apprenticeship, the British Institute for Apprenticeship and Technical Education (IFATE) is considering a continued progression route to a higher level 5 apprenticeship qualification in sports turf.

To establish whether this idea is shared by the industry, IFATE is doing a survey to canvas the opinion of stakeholders with a vested interest in sports turf, their operatives (groundstaff/groundskeepers) and general management of sports turf (i.e., any sport that uses a predominantly natural grass surface).

Further, this survey is seeking opinion for utilising an existing level 5 university sports turf qualification as an educational programme towards achieving a level 5 Sports Turf Technical Manager apprenticeship, specifically utilising the ‘Foundation Degree in Sports Turf Management.’

If the turf industry is of the opinion that the Foundation Degree in Sports Turf Management has a valuable part in Level 5 Apprenticeship for Sports Turf, then there is a good case to include this qualification.

IFATE is calling on as many people as possible to contribute to the survey. The survey can be found here.

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