• Thu. May 23rd, 2024

ProPitch partners with Grassform GP in Greece

ProPitch and Grassform GP have announced a partnership in Greece whereby ProPitch will provide solutions driven by digital technology combined with seasoned consulting services for natural turf and hybrid turf operations. The company plans to expand the availability of the ProPitch system, including its advanced app and portal, to existing and future clients in Greece.

The primary goal is to quickly enable clients to increase production and master pitch data management, taking full advantage of cutting-edge cloud-based applications. The innovative ProPitch system enables self-assessments to synchronize to an online portal, a sought-after market-leading solution now in growing demand. Clients will benefit from the two leading companies’ combined experience and expertise and enjoy the ability to connect with world-leading turf consultants remotely.

Grassform GP, led by agronomist Antonis Grimotsis said, “Grassform, having established a significant presence in the fields of sports turf consulting and pitch quality assessment services in Greece, takes a new leap forward moving into partnership with ProPitch, as its exclusive agent in the Greek market. To work with a leading company that brings to the table the expertise and renown of ProPitch is an honor and a privilege.

Our collaboration is founded on our shared view on providing comprehensive and integrated consulting services for turf management, as well as the development of technical solutions and agronomic programs that answer the needs of professional clubs, ensuring construction efficiency, game quality, and a stellar state of the playing ground.”

Sports Labs Associate Director Niall MacPhee commented, “As an independent test institute with integrity and precision at the forefront of our operations, we were encouraged by Grassform’s drive to collect accurate data to power educated decision making. Their ambition to achieve ISO 17025 is also in line with our core values, something not too common in the world of natural grass. We look forward to working with Grassform GP and Antonis, whom we have known for many years.”

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