Pro-Graes adds top dresser to its range

ECO250 Topdresser

Pro-Graes, a Danish supplier of materials and equipment for golf courses and sports facilities, has added the Ecolawn Applicator ECO250 model to its range. The ECO250 is the largest Ecolawn machine that has been approved for Europe.
It has the same technique as the machines that is being used for golf facilities and football pitches but it is much smaller in size. The machine is the first top dresser for Pro-Græs. “It was only a few years ago that it came to Europe, and I had never seen one before in Denmark. I have seen it at exhibitions and talked to the owners and various exhibitors, and I think it is very interesting,” says Niels-Peter Jensen of Pro-Graes.
The machine is just 85 centimeters and has a dual reverse spinning mechanism that allows the spread to be uniform over 180 degrees. The engine is a 5.5-horsepower Honda GX 160, and it weighs just 145 kilograms.
According to Jensen, the machine can also be used for distributing rubber granules on third generation synthetic turf fields.

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