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Polytan and FIH extend partnership

Polytan will also be an FIH partner beyond the Paris Olympics.

In response to the partnership’s recent success delivering climate positive turfs for Tokyo 2020,  the extension is designed to ensure hockey becomes a leader in the development of sustainable sports facilities.

The Poligrass Tokyo GT synthetic turf Polytan developed for the Tokyo Olympics was made of a synthetic turf blend of which 60% of the polymer was derived from sugar cane waste. The advantages of this particular product was explained in this article.

The partnership will see the two organisations focussing on the following:

Polytan will support FIH’s drive to make a positive impact on all those involved in hockey by continuing to promote high quality, durable hockey facilities that maximise precious space by withstanding thousands of players on a weekly basis.

Alongside the growth of traditional facilities, the partnership will tackle the development of Hockey5s. Hockey5s courts that require less space and appeal to changing recreational habits will allow many more people to enjoy hockey. Additionally, Polytan’s portable turf technology will bring the first-ever FIH Hockey5s World Cup to downtown Oman in 2024, giving local children and adults the opportunity to be thrilled by world-class competition.

Polytan is dedicated to working with FIH to ensure hockey activities leave as small a footprint on the planet as possible.

The Poligras turfs developed for Tokyo 2020 were created using bio-based materials (60% sugar cane), and were manufactured to strict ISO 14001 environmental management and ISO 9001 management standards. Also, the overall system used at the Tokyo Olympic venue required a third less water than the Rio 2016 venue. The partnership will focus on innovations that deliver CO2 reduction, bio-based green technology, dry elite level turf and end-of-life recycling as well as turf longevity through good maintenance practices.

As the sole supplier of hockey turf for the Olympic Games Paris 2024 and the FIH Hockey World Cups (2022/2023), Polytan will deliver the finest turfs, ensuring that players perform to their best and that hockey looks bright and vibrant.

Additionally, Polytan and FIH have successfully created a new category for hockey turf – Temporary Overlay Pitches (TOP) – which provides a cost-effective means of hosting top-level hockey in existing sports stadia and other venues. These Big Stadium hockey events have been successfully delivered for both the FIH Hockey Pro League and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Qualifiers allowing hockey to break free from the limitations of existing venues to attract record crowds.

These three focus points are in line with FIH’s Sustainability Framework for Hockey and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Thierry Weil, CEO at FIH is pleased with the continuation of the partnership. “We are delighted that our trusted partner Polytan, which continues to innovate and invest in hockey, has extended its partnership with FIH. Over the years Polytan has repeatedly delivered world-class facilities for the Olympics and Hockey World Cups. They are leaders in sustainable sports surfaces and construction, so we are very happy to have their support in hockey’s sustainable future, in particular for producing water-free elite pitches in the years to come.”

Frank Dittrich, CEO, Sport Group said the following:
“Sustainability is key in the development of all our products. Sport Group, with our investment in green technology, is transforming the future of sports surfaces. Our long-term partnership with the FIH allows us to invest in hockey turf innovations that will help the game be a leader in sustainable sport.”

Stephen Niven, CEO Polytan Asia Pacific adds to that:
“Our relationship with hockey began in 1976 with the first turf at the Montreal Olympics. Since then, Sport Group, through Polytan and AstroTurf, has remained committed to the global game. It is a pleasure to be part of the sport; hockey is exciting, welcoming and is equally amazing for men and women, girls and boys. Shifting our partnership focus to sustainability will further progress the sport and our Poligras hockey turfs will continue to be the leader in player and environmental performance.”

Guy Oldenkotte

Guy Oldenkotte is senior editor of sportsfields.info and has been covering the outdoor sportssurfaces market and industry since 2003

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