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FIFA makes washing of test samples mandatory

FIFA has decided to adjust its ‘handbook of test methods’ for synthetic turf and make it mandatory to wash test samples prior to tests. The bold move became necessary after it was noticed that a growing number of test samples still contained excess spin oil residue.

Re-Match to build 24 factories

With new investment capital, the Danish recycler of synthetic turf, Re-Match, sets out to build factories across Europe and North America.

ESTO changes name to ESTC

The European Synthetic Turf Organisation (ESTO) has changed its name to the EMEA Synthetic Turf…

Polytan uses bio-based PE to reduce thirst

Polytan has revealed the synthetic turf system for hockey that will be used during the…

Italian companies offer old synthetic turf a new future

Versalis, RadiciGroup and Safitex have joined forces to make synthetic turf for sports fields recyclable…

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