‘One in three checked biocidal products found to be non-compliant’

An EU-wide enforcement project found about 60 active substances in biocidal products that are not allowed on the EU, EEA and Swiss markets. One in three of the checked products did not comply with at least one of the checked legal requirements.

In some countries, biocides are advertised a solution to remove algae from synthetic turf surfaces.

According to the European Chemical Agency (ECHA), during 2022, the national enforcement authorities in 29 countries checked over 3 500 biocidal products. It is not clear whether this included products that are being advertised for use on synthetic turf.

Overall, 37 % of the checked biocides were non-compliant with at least one of the checked legal requirements. Where needed, controls also involved chemical analysis of biocidal products.

Non-compliant with fundamental requirements

18 % of products the authorities checked, were non-compliant with fundamental requirements that affect their safe use. Most of them either lacked a product authorisation or included non-allowed active substances. Most biocides with such major non-compliance were disinfectants, insecticides, and repellents/attractants. Inspectors found about 60 active substances that are not allowed in these products. All products that lacked authorisation or contained non-allowed active substances were withdrawn from the market. In some cases, criminal complaints or fines were issued.

The remaining 19 % non-compliant products were found to have minor deficiencies that did not affect safe use such as missing contact information of the supplier. In these cases the national enforcement authorities gave advice or administrative orders.

Incorrect labelling

Much non-compliance was found in disinfectants sold to consumers. 265 disinfectants out of nearly 1 900 that were checked (14 %) were found to be non-compliant. This included serious compliance deficiencies such as lacking authorisation or incorrect labelling that usually led to the withdrawal of the disinfectants from the market.

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