NVWA adopts new intervention policy

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) will take stricter action against violations in the marketing and use of plant protection products and biocides.

The NVWA has updated its current intervention policy in the field of plant protection products and biocides. The Plant Protection Products and Biocides Act forms the basis of this policy. In addition to the fact that the new intervention policy offers the opportunity to act more strictly, new intervention rules have also been added. Think of rules regarding the ban on the professional use of plant protection products outside agriculture and horticulture. Or the obligation to have proof of professional competence when advising customers about plant protection products.

Intervention policy

When violations are discovered, the NVWA takes appropriate measures to end the identified infringement (s) or to prevent a recurrence.

Corrective measures, such as, for example, an order subject to periodic penalty payments or administrative enforcement can be used in situations where it appears that sanctioning interventions (alone) do not sufficiently lead to compliance with the regulations.

In situations where several legal regulations are violated, such as, for example, the application of an unauthorized plant protection product with a non-inspected field sprayer without proof of professional competence, these violations are stacked when an administrative fine is imposed. A maximum of 5 violations are stacked per offender and per inspection moment. The total amount of the fine can increase considerably.

In the new intervention policy, the intervention rules for violations of plant protection products and biocides have been combined into one intervention policy. In addition, the intervention rules for biocides have been brought into line with those for plant protection products, as intended by the Plant Protection Products and Biocides Act. The new intervention policy is in line with the frameworks of the general intervention policy of the NVWA and the NVWA Supervisory Framework 2015.

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