• Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

Wiedenmann and John Deere cooperation

Wiedenmann and John Deere have entered an agreement, enabling the John Deere network of golf and sports dealers to sell and support Wiedenmann aeration products.

John Deere has agreed for its golf and sports dealer network to sell and support the Wiedenmann Corporation line of aeration solutions. Through the agreement, John Deere customers can purchase Wiedenmann products at their John Deere dealer, providing a full range of turf maintenance products.

“Our customers face demanding conditions, and we are committed to providing the equipment, technology, and support they need to overcome any challenge they experience on the job,” said Manny Gan, director, global golf sales and marketing for John Deere. “Through this strategic relationship, we are delivering on that commitment while also providing customers with streamlined access to the industry’s top solutions through their John Deere dealer.”

Select golf and sports dealers sell and support the Wiedenmann line of products, in addition to the existing line of John Deere golf solutions. The strategic agreement will help John Deere provide the industry with products and support they need to maintain best-in-class courses and fields.

“John Deere has a reputation for delivering quality products and providing outstanding service, aligning with the Wiedenmann values and making this relationship a natural fit,” said Uwe Wiedenmann, Managing Partner, Wiedenmann Corporation. “Through this agreement, we’re offering our aeration solutions to a wider range of customers, making it easier for them to acquire the products they need.”

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