• Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

KAA Gent partners with RSI to roll out ‘pitch of the future’ concept

Belgian football club KAA Gent has embraced RSI Sports technology to maintain its position as the most innovative sports venue in the Belgian football league. The club will receive a 3rd generation hybrid field and LED grass grow technology, as well as the equipment and support to maintain all its fields without the need for chemical plant protection products.

RSI and KAA Gent have agreed to roll out the new technology from summer this year for use on all its fields.

The stadium field will be reconstructed with a new Hybrigrass hybrid system. As the backing of a hybrid field usually works as an insulator, this 3rd generation hybrid system has been designed to facilitate the natural vertical flow of moisture and heat in the rootzone layer of the field. The very open design of the hybrid carpet backing will prevent the grassroots from overheating.

“Delivering a high-quality pitch for a multifunctional stadium such as the Ghelamco Arena requires more than just top quality turf. RSI Sport has all the technologies and knowledge to achieve this and distinguishes itself because it dares to use non-conventional but proven techniques,” says Rob de Heer on behalf of RSI Sports.

The growing and recovery conditions of the field are guaranteed by the use of Rhenac SPORT LED grass growth technology. The ability to deliver the complete light spectrum (CLS) means that it always gets the exact dose of photosynthetic light for root development and lateral growth promotion, for example. On the other hand, the red spectrum can also be used so that the germination of grass seeds will be stimulated and the increase of the biomass will be promoted.

RSI will also introduce the UV-C grass care technology to maintain the perfect condition of the field without the need for chemical plant protection products.

“Today’s high demands for pitches in multifunctional stadiums require the use of new innovations and techniques. RSI Sports has various ground breaking solutions and methods that have proven themselves already. We are confident that our partnership with KAA Gent will help them further strengthen the reputation of its Ghelamco Arena as being the most innovative stadium, “said Arnoud Fiolet of RSI Sports.

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