• Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

Beaulieu International Group linked to SLG Group

Beaulieu International Group, a global specialist in polymers and semi-finished engineered products like yarns, fibres and technical textiles is rumoured to be a possible buyer of the Sports and Leisure Group. In light of the SLG history, the link can be called controversial.

Beaulieu International Group is owned by the De Clerck family, relatives of Jan De Clerck who grew Domo into Domo Sports Grass, the crown jewel of Sports and Leisure Group. Other brands that are part of SLG Group are Limonta Sport, Namgrass, Dograss, Nomow, Fungrass and Greentouch.

Jan De Clerck received Domo from his father Roger De Clerck when the founder of Beaulieu decided to divide his empire due to internal struggles between his heirs. When four branches of the company merged into one company Beaulieu International Group due, Domo was left out because Jan De Clerck had fallen into dishonor with his father.

Jan De Clerck has grown Domo ever since while the other De Clerck family members have grown the individual companies that have, eventually, formed Beaulieu Group International.

In 2017 the Jan De Clerck family sold their shares to French investment firm Chequers Capital. Earlier this year, the French investment firm instructed Rothschild Bank to put the Sport and Leisure group up for sale. If the rumours are anything to go by, the company could soon become a De Clerck family company again, although it will be a part of family it has never met.

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