• Sat. May 18th, 2024

New hockey field for Duke Field Hockey requires 65% less water

The new field for the ladies hockey team of Duke University in the US will require 65% less water than presently is being used to water high-end hockey fields.
The new AstroTurf Poligras Tokyo GT, the same surface as was used for the Tokyo Olympics.

The carpet has a higher stitch density of close to 80,000 tufts per sqm. The PreciTex design of the texturized filaments produces a very intensively curled filament and a good compact appearance. It is believed that this will hold the water better in the surface.

The announcement by Duke University in North Carolina comes at a time where authorities in Southern California are implementing water restrictions. The board of directors of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California announced on Tuesday that they were declaring a Water Shortage Emergency. According to a statement, Metropolitan does not have enough water this year to meet normal demands in parts of its service area in 2022. Residents of certain counties are now limited to water their garden only one day a week. Data by the US drought monitor show that some 40% of California is under extreme drought conditions, and 95% is under severe drought conditions. All of California remains in some level of drought.

In 2028 Los Angeles will host the Summer Olympics. With synthetic turf hockey fields using 18.000 litres of water per day, the local organising committee and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) are pushing hockey to embrace more sustainable hockey fields.

The international Water Poverty Threshold is set for approximately 20 litres per person per day. US resident use, on average, 500 litres water per day.

Sugar cane as raw material

The Poligras Tokyo GT is produced from a polymer blend that consists of 60 percent sugar cane. “This will be the first Poligras Toyko GT field in the United States market and we’re excited it’s coming to Duke University,” said Melissa Vassalotti-Twist, AstroTurf’s Director of Field Hockey. “Bringing this green technology to the hockey market in the United States is a big deal. This is really the future of hockey.” Paired with AstroTurf’s Tokyo GT surface will be a new 10mm e-layer paved in place for elite international and high-level collegiate hockey.

At present, there are 60 of these fields already internationally. However, Duke University is the first in the US to embrace this type of field.
The field upgrade is part of a larger renovation project for Duke Field Hockey, made possible by the support of donors, including Susan Sabiston, widow of Jim Sabiston, successful businessman, father, and long-time supporter of Duke’s women’s sports. AstroTurf anticipates that the field will be ended up by August this year latest.

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