• Sat. May 18th, 2024

Mattex backing put to the test

Yarn and backing producer Mattex has revealed that its latest innovation will be installed this summer. The Mattex UVLFP backing offers a high level of strength for heavy use artificial grass systems.

Mattex started the production and supply of their new product earlier this year. The Mattex UVFLP backing is a woven primary backing for artificial turf applications. It is available in a single or double layer. The UV stable backing has a fleece layer that is needle punched to it. The backing provides an enhanced tuft lock with the fiber as well as a higher durability and stability of the turf system due to increase interaction with the backing adhesive. This also helps to increase the dimensional stability of a turf system.

The backing is suitable for use in artificial grass systems for both contact and non-contact sports and for heavy use artificial grass systems in particular.

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