• Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Less synthetic turf systems to chose from in Holland

The Dutch National Olympic Committee (NOCNSF) will clean up its Sports Flooring List, the list from which clubs and municipalities can select synthetic turf systems that have been approved for installation in the Netherlands. At present, the list contains over 1.000 synthetic turf systems for football.

The cleaning up of the list was announced last year already. Being the custodian of the quality of sports facilities in the Netherlands, NOCNSF wanted the list become more transparent. Many systems on the list were submitted for approval but have never been installed. From here on, a sports floor will in principle be placed on the Sports Floor list for three years. This can then be extended by two years. If the sports floor has not been built after five years, it will disappear from the list again.

Quality care system

The list is only one element of the Quality Care System the Dutch use to install and maintain sports facilities of the highest standards. It aims to realize high-quality and safe sports floors and accommodations. In order to guarantee quality, sports associations use the NOCNSF / sports association certificate as a minimum precondition for playing competition matches and tournaments organized under the auspices of the relevant sports association.

After construction, conversion, renovation or re-inspection, these sports floors and accommodations must at least meet a number of requirements. These are formulated by the sports associations and other stakeholders and relate to sports functionality, safety, playability, uniformity and sustainability. These requirements are laid down in NOCNSF standards.

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