Labosport Group is the most established and comprehensive sports field testing and certification company in the world. Since 1993, its labs and consultancy services set the standard for validating sports surfaces, focusing heavily on both synthetic and natural turf. Clients benefit from its unrivalled experience in sports surface safety, performance, durability, and sustainability, including its pledge to environmental responsibility. Labosport Group is recognized for its extensive contribution in research and development, and its partnerships with industry leaders to advance industry knowledge, inspire innovation and improve assessment practices. Labosport Group is engaged in cultivating the next generation of industry leaders and experts through its training programs that examine an extensive range of sports surface management needs, incorporating both theory and practical discipline.

Skin injury test one step closer to adoption

Assessing the possible risk of skin injuries on synthetic turf has come one step closer. Four World Rugby certified test institutes recently held a round robin to determine the replicability of a test and testing apparatus that has been developed over the past four years. Their feedback will now be used to fine-tune the apparatus and procedure.

Establishing grass health and condition with one device

The Labosport Redbox simultaneously maps the density and colour of grass surfaces objectively and consistently. The lightweight and easy to operate device improves the ergonomics of testing surfaces and works on any cool or warm season grass type. All numerical and visual data collected is stored in one folder and can be accessed by the client through an app from a client-specific dashboard.