Know your trade: October 2023


How many microplastic particles can be found in 1m2 third-generation synthetic turf at the end of its lifespan? 


The EMEA Synthetic Turf Council (ESTC) says that 1m2 (end-of-life) synthetic turf holds 500,000 particles that can be considered microplastics. The official definition of a microplastic is any polymer particle smaller than 5 mm, or, in the case of yarn wear, a filament particle that is smaller than 15 mm.

It is easy to dispute the number of 500,000 particles, as much depends on the pile height of the original carpet, the quality of the polymer used and the Dtex of the yarn.

However, irrespective of whether reality comes close to this particular number, it remains a fact that every microplastic found in the environment is deemed a pollutant. Of the 500,000 the ESTC is talking about, a large portion cannot be seen by the naked eye. Yet, authorities have the possibility of identifying microplastic pieces in water that are 2000th of a millimetre. It goes without saying that they will take action if they’re able to trace a polluter.

Here you can read our latest update of what is being done in terms of curbing microplastic pollution from fibre wear.

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