Know your trade: March 2023


What device is this?


An infill depth gauge

The infill depth gauge accurately measures the depth of both the mineral infill and performance infill material in the carpet. It is an essential instrument to provide a safe playing surface, as it ensures the consistent infill depth from one area to another. 

A correct infill height (at all times) will ensure that the synthetic turf pile remains upright, which will contribute to the ball roll behaviour on the carpet. This will also ensure the yarn experiences less wear or tear than when the yarn is lying flat on the carpet, as the yarn has been designed to flex sideways when pressure is exercised (by the player running or sliding on the field).

The infill depth gauge is best used by placing it on the surface and sliding the centre shaft down until it makes contact (with the backing).

It is advisable to take two or three measurements per area for which the infill depth is to be established. It is recommended to check the depths at high-traffic areas like corner kicks, penalty spots or other areas that see more frequent repetitive activity than the rest of the synthetic turf field.

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