Know your trade: January 2023

Studded roller / Lisport (XL)

The above picture had two possible answers: the studs on a so-called studded roller or the Lisport (XL). Both devices provide tread simulation, and, as such, provide an indication of the wear and tear of grass fields or synthetic turf surfaces.

Natural turf producers use the studded roller to determine differences in playing tolerance of varieties intended for sports fields. This studded roller consists of two studded rollers and one smooth roller. The studded rollers roll over the field at different speeds, creating a sliding effect. The nubs open up the sod and sometimes work the grass plants out. The smooth roller ensures that the field remains flat.

Synthetic turf

The Lisport (XL) test is used to get an indication of the wear of a synthetic turf top-layer over X number of years. During the mandatory laboratory test, a (1x4m) sample of the top-layer of the synthetic turf system (shockpad, carpet and infill) is subjected to X number of cycles. One cycle equals one hour of use. A synthetic turf system that is subjected to 8,000 runs (or ‘cycles’) on the Lisport (XL) therefore gives an indication of the amount of wear that the synthetic turf experiences after 8,000 hours of use.

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