• Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Introduction EU shockpad standard delayed

The European Standards Committee (CEN) has decided to postpone plans for a European standard for shockpads. 

A plan to make drafting of the standard a works item didn’t receive enough votes earlier this week. If the committee would have agreed to make the drafting of a standard a works item, all European countries would have been instructed to halt the drafting of their own plans. 

The failure to adopt the plan received so much criticism from within the industry that the committee has now decided to reconsider the idea during their next sitting. Once adopted as working item, the members first have to reconsider any objections it received. According to insiders, as few as one or two countries seem to have reservations to an European standard. They are expected to go to great lenghts to have the plan dismissed but he is convinced these objections can be refuted quickly. 

Should the plan receive a go-ahead, the first draft for the standard can be expected quickly as it will really heavily on the standard the EMEA Synthetic Turf Council (ESTC) introduced in 2017. The ESTC Performance Guide for shockpads was drafted by the European industry collectively. 

Guy Oldenkotte

Guy Oldenkotte is senior editor of sportsfields.info and has been covering the outdoor sportssurfaces market and industry since 2003

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