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Henko A & T

Henko-A&T is a leading company specializing in the development and production of adhesives, tools and related products for the installation and maintenance of artificial turf. Henko-A&T is an active and innovative player in the market, distinguishing itself by offering high quality products to its global customers.

Henko A&T
Graafschap Hornelaan 184
6004 HT Weert, the Netherlands

T: +31(0)495633010
E: info@henko-at.nl
W: www.henko-at.com

Latest news about Henko A&T

Brushing or raking

Which is better: brushing or raking?

Opinions about whether brushing or raking third-generation synthetic turf fields is better for the field are divided. A grant from the Norwegian FA, the Dutch industry body BSNC, as well as the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport enabled the Municipality of Amsterdam to contract research institute ERCAT of the University of Ghent to investigate this in more detail.

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