• Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Condor Grass

Condor Grass is one of the world’s biggest producers of artificial grass products. We produce a full range of artificial grass products and for markets all over the world. All our products are thoroughly tested and meet all relevant quality and sustainability criteria. Condor Grass is an environmentally conscious company and is at the forefront of developing best industry practices.

Contact details

Euroweg 3, 8061 SB, Hasselt (NL)
T.: +31 38 477 8911
F.: +31 38 477 8922
E.: info@condorgrass.com 
W.: www.condorgrass-sport.com

Brockfill VV DEES

Brockfill withstands wet onslaught

The excessive rainfall of the first six months of 2023 has helped Brockfill to showcase its unique ability to remain firmly in place instead of floating away. None of the artificial turf fields installed with this 100% natural replacement of polymeric infill has reported any issue.

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Belgium embraces Brockfill

Football club KSVB from Brasschaat, Belgium, has selected a Condor Grass football turf system with Brockfill infill to futureproof its facility. The 100% natural infill complies with the upcoming legislation the European Commission is about to adopt to safeguard the environment. The new surfaces will also finally enable the club to welcome a long list of aspiring members.

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Condor Grass BrockFill

Condor Grass Christmas gift for Robur et Velocitas

Players at Robur et Velocitas F.C. in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, received an early Christmas gift when club management announced that it had selected a Condor Grass artificial grass system that uses Brockfill infill to replace the 15-year-old field that relied on SBR.

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Synthetic turf collector

Synthetic turf as an energy producer

Trials show that synthetic turf fields can produce enough energy to replace natural gas as an energy source to boil water for showers or warming properties. The business cases are in place . Now it is up to the government and property developers to move forward.

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