Infinicut launches new SM34 rotary mower

Infinicut sm34

MTD Design has revealed its SM34 rotary mower. Groundsmen and Greenkeepers were invited to Tottenham Hotspur FC’s training facility to see their latest addition.

The machine is supposed to have unsurpassed rotary cut quality to ensure the best possible results regardless of turf conditions, so they claim.

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The SM34 follows the same design philosophy as the rest of the Infinicut range, offering best in class performance with an emphasis on a modern, clean power source. It takes its mode of traction from the Infinciut reel mower, renowned for its durability, paired with a deck designed on the back of MTD’s considerable years of rotary experience.

By utilising expensive stamp tooling, users can be confident that airflow is optimal when compared to other fabricated decks. The culmination is a machine that ensures ‘fit-for-purpose’ application, but also necessary safety compliance that comes with rotary decks.

Designed for professional users, the Infinicut SM34 can be used to mow grass in the traditional sense or used as a stand-alone vacuum. In cut mode, the new rotary offers a striping effect usually only achieved with a professional reel mower. The 34″ cutting width combines better productivity and lightweight design, which negates the issues of tire rutting and wear of a larger ride on mower. The blades are made from premium-grade, high carbon steel for better performance and extended life, and come pre-balanced to exhibit less vibration.

As with the rest of the Infinicut fleet, the machine offers the operator a number of parameters which can be tailored to their particular requirements. With the extreme accuracy of HOC that users often work to in mind, the SM34 has paralleling and deck pitch adjustment features as standard. It can be specified with either an engine generator or lithium battery as a power source. In battery mode the SM34 is quieter in operation, environmentally friendly and can provide significant fuel cost saving when compared to other rotary mowers.

Commenting on its launch John Coleman, Head of MTD Specialty Products UK, added, “The Infinicut Rotary was a natural product progression from our well recognised Infinicut cylinder mower range. The design of this machine is a combination of our own concepts and ideas but at the same time we’ve listened carefully to our customers feedback. The culmination is a machine that takes a known concept and places it firmly in the modern era by introducing wireless parameter adjustment via our proprietary InfiniApp®.”

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