• Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Hybrid turf

The latest trends and developments regarding hybrid fields, the field of choice by clubs keen on playing football or rugby on a grass surface

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  • Old Trafford grounds manager explains

Old Trafford grounds manager explains

Old Trafford grounds manager Tony Sinclair has revealed how he will prepare the turf at Old Trafford,  as well as…

Pitches of the future

Innovative hardware, software and connected technology has brought efficiencies and savings to most businesses and sport is no different. There…

Sibelco lifts veil on Spurs pitch

Sand for the new Tottenham Hotspurs' pitch was supplied by Sibelco. Their case study reveals some interesting details.

Revolutionary hybrid grass technology set to transform cricket

Sis Pitches has installed pioneering hybrid cricket pitches at County Cricket Clubs across the United Kingdom ahead of the 2019…

S&C Slatter Acquire White Horse Contractors

S&C Slatter has announced the acquisition of White Horse Contractors which becomes a member of The Slatter Group. White Horse…

UV-C technology to fight algae

Rhenac GreenTec has introduced a unit that uses UV-C light to destroy fungus, algae and diseases that grow in grass.

Heiler introduces hybrid field with bioplastic fibres

German installing company Heiler, has introduced their sports hybrid Turf, a natural grass reinforced with bioplastic fibers. Hybrid Turf offers…

Evago Group Acquires Terraplas rental business

Evago Group has become the world’s exclusive rental partner for all Terraplas turf protection products. German event supply and industrial…