• Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Husqvarna launches hybrid dethatcher

Husqvarna has launched another tool to be used in combination with their hybrid tool carrier. The dethatcher has been specifically developed for dethatching hybrid sports fields.

Thatch build-up in hybrid surfaces is one of the biggest challenges groundsmen try to prevent from forming.

The dethatcher is a 150 cm-wide rotating horizontal shaft that has been equipped with 160 tines. Spring tines have been positioned in a spiral shape to cultivate the pitch evenly.

Four adjustable support wheels allow for accurate depth setting.

The unit has a collector volume of 80 litres and can be emptied from the driver’s seat.

“It only takes approximately 30 minutes,” Husqvarna’s product manager Mikael Tidkvist told a select audience at the launch in Bremen.

“It dethatches and collects simultaneously and is five times more productive compared to a walk-behind mower.”

More economic

The Director of Product Management for wheeled equipment at Husqvarna, Daniel Mannerström, pointed out that the dethatcher allows for more economic field care.

“It prolongs the life of the hybrid field and reduces the need for renovation. One of the additional benefits is that it lowers the fuel usage, especially as our tool carrier is a hybrid machine.”

The dethatcher is compatible with HVO 100, a biodiesel.

The tool fits on Husqvarna front mowers like the P520DX, P525DX or P535HX.

“The low ground pressure is only 1 kg/cm2.”

Tidkvist told Sportsfields.info that the unit will cost approximately EUR 7,000. It only fits on the Husqvarna tool carrier.

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