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Head Groundsman


Jan 2, 2024

Our Values are simply the things that are most important to us and will be demonstrated through the way in which we behave in achieving our business objectives. Our people are at the centre of the delivery of our Club Values.

Maintain and supervise the day-to-day running and use of the pitch.  Uses functional expertise to resolve routine problems and is accountable for the preparation, maintenance and presentation of the pitch.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

1. Responsible for the preparation and maintenance of the playing surface for the end user. Prepare, implement and monitor weekly, monthly and annual maintenance programmes to ensure the required standard of surface presentation.

2. Work is assigned to the jobholder in terms of general objectives and priorities with guidance being sought on policy or areas of difficulty.

3. Estimate resources required for work projects.  Schedule and allocate activities to the work group.  Maintain a budget overview of operational and capital expenditures to maximise cost efficiency.

4. Be fully knowledgeable of the Health and Safety regulations in the area of responsibility.  Possess a thorough understanding of legislation relating to chemicals and dangerous substances.  Promote safe working practices at all times.

5. Manage and check facilities, plant, buildings and equipment to ensure safe working practices and Health and Safety legislation compliance.

6. Provide effective materials and machinery management to ensure all equipment is correctly stored, maintained and serviced.

7. Conduct basic risk assessment, develop contingency plans and be able to respond to emergencies.  Actively promote safe practices of self and others.  Respond to emergencies by using emergency equipment and calling assistance.

8. Support the efficient use of resources.  Gather and record information to develop trend data and analyse past usage.  Make recommendations for improving the best use of resources and playing surfaces.  In order to perform this satisfactorily, it is envisaged that you will maintain a management information and reporting system related to industry standard tests, facility usage, weather, maintenance, equipment, materials and manpower.

9. Communicate and motivate staff to achieve work schedules and objectives, supervise contractors.  Conduct performance reviews on employees and encourage continuing professional development.

10. Train, develop and motivate staff to continuously develop their technical skills and user relations.

11. Demonstrate consistently high communication skills with end users, suppliers and colleagues.

12. Sole responsibility for the preparation and maintenance of the pitch.  Including all preparatory work, cultivation work, the creation, marking out, setting up of the playing surface and looking after the surrounding areas.

13. Drive vehicles and equipment as required for grounds operations.

14. Ensure vehicles and equipment used by self and work group are regularly maintained in accordance with routine operation requirements.  Monitor the use of consumable items and spares and make arrangements for their replenishment.

15. Ensure the safe use, storage, calibration and disposal of pesticides, fertilisers and other similar substances.

16. Ensure subordinate staff are adequately briefed on their duties, able to execute them in the correct manner and to complete the assigned workload.

17. Ensure irrigation, undersoil heating and drainage systems are maintained.

18. Prepare, gain approval, manage and monitor a grounds management budget.  Undertake cost benefit analysis.  Budget will cover labour resources, grounds maintenance materials, external contractors, machinery maintenance, purchase of new equipment and capital works.

19. Co-ordinate the negotiation, purchase, storage and control of all consumable materials, equipment and services in a cost-effective manner for the pitch. Ensure the availability of supplies.

20. Lead the closed season pitch renovations procurement in accordance with Club policies and subsequent implementation.


The club acknowledges that everyone has a responsibility for the wellbeing and safety of children, young people and adults at risk who are under the Club’s care or utilising the Club’s facilities.

As part of the club’s commitment to providing a safe environment for children and adults at risk the Club

requires all staff in child, young person and ‘adult at risk’ facing roles:

• To be clear about the clubs responsibilities when running activities for these groups;

• Will have read and understood the suite of safeguarding policies including safeguarding children policy, adults at risk policy, anti-bullying policy, whistleblowing and equality policy;

• Understand and promote staff and players code of conduct;

• Will understand how to refer a concern;

• To be consistent role models;

• To complete the club’s safer Working Practice Workshop as part of induction and the FA Safeguarding Children workshop; and

• To monitor repeated incidents of poor behaviour and liaise with their DSO or Head of Safeguarding.


We are committed to supporting an environment where all staff have a personal responsibility to uphold the Club’s Equal Opportunities Policy by treating fellow employees, prospective employees, casual workers, prospective casual workers, players, prospective players and customers fairly and impartially

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