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About Guy Oldenkotte & GO Sports Media Productions

It took a near-death experience in the Sahara Desert, during an otherwise epic motorbike trip from the Netherlands to South Africa, for me to start writing about sports surfaces. The heat, fatigue, malnutrition, and desperation experienced when you are surrounded by sand and fighting the elements clearly have a weird but lasting effect.

That was in 2003. 

Fast forward, and I am proud to say that to date I have covered grass and synthetic turf in books, photo’s, animations and over 1,000 feature stories for companies and publishers on every continent. One could be forgiven for thinking I have made it my mission to singlehandedly cover the entire Sahara Desert plus the Gobi Desert, as well as the Gibson Desert, and, let’s not forget – the Mojave Desert with grass or synthetic turf.

I live and breathe both natural and synthetic turf. From all research conducted to understand users and to develop new products, to the production, installation, upkeep, and removal of the surface. The phrase “watching grass grow” will have a completely different meaning once you have finished reading my text.

No matter on which side of the fence you are seated, I’ll always make sure the surface looks greener.

Guy Oldenkotte
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e-mail: info@go-sports.media

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