Are you a Planner/Groundsman or Greenkeeper and want to work in an exciting and changing environment? Right now, we at Arenabolaget are looking for a new employee to manage the operation of Friends Arena’s lawn. We who work here can promise a cool, varied and instructive work, where you become one of our close-knit team in operations.

We choose employees who we believe will fit into our corporate culture. Employees who are fast and caring, who are team players and see the customer’s value, who are flexible and want to be involved in making Friends Arena a world-class arena.


As a field attendant at Arenabolaget, your workplace is in Friends Arena. You work primarily with the care and maintenance of our football field, but also some with property management and support for the tenant at events that take place in the arena. The work is broad and varied.

We have high expectations of ourselves and of what we want to deliver, we therefore work very actively with issues regarding care and maintenance.

Our job includes working in other people’s free time. Since we have a lawn to manage, working hours vary, which includes evenings, nights and weekends. The shifts are arranged during certain periods to every other / three weekends for the care of the lawn. Readiness is included in the service.

Your duties vary by season, which stems from grass season and other times.

Grass season:

  • All kinds of care of the football field, mowing, moving light rigs, fertilizing, etc.
  • Service/maintenance of irrigation facilities, vehicles, machinery and other equipment
  • Preparatory work, such as mowing units being set up for the upcoming working day
  • Machine operator for wheel loaders and forklifts

Other times:

  • Supervision, care and corrective maintenance of the property and its installations
  • Support for tenants at events


During grass season, the Field Keeper reports to the Head Groundsman, other times to supervisors in operations.

Who are you?

We believe that you have experience in the management of green areas from football or golf environments or land, forestry / agriculture, or a background in the operation and management of properties.

If you have undergone training in green space management (for example SGF or SvFF), it is meritorious.

B driving license + access to your own car is a requirement, as well as that you are not afraid of heights. This is because one task is to be able to open and close the roof of the stadium.

Eligibility for the use of pesticides class 1L and 2L and eligibility to drive wheel loaders/forklifts are meritorious.

As a Planner, you have many contact areas, we therefore see that you are a service-oriented and communicative person who thrives in a role where the customer is in focus. You are independent, forward and not afraid to take your own initiatives. Furthermore, you are solution-oriented and stress-resistant and thrive in a role that offers great variety both in terms of tasks and working hours.

Why Arenabolaget?

Here we can offer you a developing role in an exciting company with varying working days. We are an experienced and strong team of 15 prestigious people who support and stand up for each other.

The work environment is exciting and Friends Arena, which is a modern multi-purpose arena, is a meeting place for many different events. The maximum capacity is 85,000 spectators, but the arena is suitable for events of all sizes. As part of Arenabolaget, you get to be involved and feel the pulse behind the scenes, learn from the best in the industry and also work with other exciting properties in Arenastaden.

Arenabolaget is owned by Fabege AB and the Swedish Football Association. Together, the owners are responsible for developing, streamlining and optimizing the management of the property, which includes creating a long-term solution for the operation of the arena operations.


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